Katarína Hricková

Katarína Hricková

Who am I?

My name is Katarína, I come from Slovakia and in 2022 I moved to Belgium. In 2003, I completed a master's degree in physical education and coaching at the UMB University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, to which I added a PhD. in 2016 in the field of health physical education. In 2019, I completed a supplementary study as a physio trainer.

I am an athlete in body and soul. After an active professional career as a basketball player, I worked at my home basketball club with a senior team, as well as young athletes as a fitness and athletic coach. Belief in our body, as the perfect tool, light the flame of my passion: To help other people regain their strong, well-functioning body and become happier and healthier version of themselves.

When I'm not working, I do my biggest hobby - sports. I like to travel, visit new countries and meet new people.

Why I chose training?

For me, as a former professional athlete, the importance of movement is well known. Recently, however, the movement has been disappearing from our lives. It's encouraging how fast right exercises and movements can help maintain health and restore the body's need, strength and abilities. The joy of clients who return to an active lifestyle without pain and limitations is my joy and at the same time a driving force. This is also the reason why I am constantly learning and moving forward.

Why I chose Motion Center?

For me, Motion Center is the best way to provide a client with everything they need in one place. I like working with fellow physiotherapists, the opportunity to learn and share knowledge with my colleagues. The modern and beautiful environment of the Motion Center is an exceptional and great place for my work.

You can contact me for:

• Fitness and strength training

• Compensation for muscle imbalances

• Back in movement - training after surgeries, musculoskeletal injuries

• Reconditioning training

• Injury prevention

• Postpartum training

Katarína Hricková

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